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Recent Articles

Best mobile phone deals Latest deals with the fresh range of benefits

Mobile phones have turned around the scenario for communication entirely. The magical job of the mobile phones to make every body stay connected with out the wires is just incredible. The graduation of time is bringing the up gradation in the mobile phones as well. The devices have started to come with various brands. The options through which these are sold are also getting hiked in numbers. Ther Read More...

Buy Appropriate Printer Cartridges And Save On Printing Expenses

If you own a printer you must be aware that a major expense of maintaining a printer is due to the need to change the cartridges. Primarily, there are two types of printers that are commonly used today - the inkjet and the laser printer. Printer cartridges of both these types require replacement when the ink or the toner runs out. You may also opt for refilling them, which would be an economical Read More...

Forms Of Funny Stuff And Writing Tips For Them

Writing funny stuff for online viewing, or otherwise, is an art. What may seem funny to us might not strike a similar cord with readers. Trying too hard could actually make your work appear like some crazy stuff, which might not go down very well with the target audience. Writing online stuff is perhaps even trickier than creating print content. The net surfer is typically impatient. He skips from Read More...

Humor And Funny Stuff

There is a general belief that writing funny stuff comes naturally to some. Funny people have a gene, a natural gift which can't be produced by learning 'techniques'. This may be true but there are definitely some tips that can make one sound funny! Humor Is Based On Possibility Humor is a point of view and an approach that almost everyone has as a child. There are several times when one reads Read More...